A Visionary. A mission. Mathioli’s Arichuvadi.

Our founder Ms R Saraswathy also known by her pen name “Mathioli Saraswathy”, devoted her entire life to philanthropic activities.

Ms Saraswathy was also fondly known as “SRI AKKA” or “SRI AMMA” by her followers. She exuded spirituality, soothing the troubled minds surrounding her and remains a great source of comfort to one and all. Ms Saraswathy was philosopher and guide to her Followers. Though SHE is not physically present in our midst, now she continues to be our guiding force.

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Libraries store energy that fuel imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve…

A powerhouse of knowledge

The establishment of Mathioli’s Arichuvadi at Pudhucherry added a laurel to the crown of the multifaceted Mathioli Amma's educational service. The 3000sq.ft. library is an eco-friendly building. The major objective of this library is to open the intellectual eyes of all of us, as Arichuvadi is the beginning of learning our language as well. It has an exclusive section of 150 sq.ft. designated for children. Our library has an exhaustive collection of 10600+ books covering a wide spectrum of interests.










Behind the library The Trust

The Samithi was born in 1988 and formalized as a Trust in 1990 as a Public Charitable Trust. The Samithi made a humble beginning in Chennai and over the years spread geographically to Bangalore, Trivandrum and Hyderabad. Started as a group activity for children as Siruvar Sangam and the focus remains in inculcating values and development of children to be responsible citizens.

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