PUJYASRI MATHIOLI R.SARASWATHY was a philanthropist/well known author who always wanted a better tomorrow for everyone. She was born on October 9, 1940 in Pudhucherry and strove hard for the social welfare. Her vision to empower everyone with knowledge, found its expression in the form of a library, Mathioli’s Arichuvadi Public Library at Pudhucherry, inaugurated in August 2017.

As a reflection of her remarkable love and affection towards children she first started the Nandalala Children's Club in 1981 out of love for children. Then in 1988 she started ‘Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust’. She further expanded her services and established foundations such as the Nandalala Medical Foundation and the Yogasaras Educational Academy. She worked tirelessly for social, medical and educational development.

She is the Founder and Chairman of the Nandalala Seva Samiti Trust. Mathioli is a prolific writer and poet. Poems by the poet Mathioli are powerful enough to always take place in the heart of the reader. Mathioli has written many books and won many awards. The poems written by her are full of unshakable vocabulary and deep meaning.

The establishment of Mathioli’s Arichuvadi at Pudhucherry added a laurel to the crown of the multifaceted Mathioli Amma's educational service. The 3000sq.ft. library is an eco-friendly building. The major objective of this library is to open the intellectual eyes of all of us, as Arichuvadi is the beginning of learning our language as well.

It has an exclusive section of 150 sq.ft. designated for children. Our library has an exhaustive collection of 10600+ books covering a wide spectrum of interests. The Kids’ Nook is designed to make their reading time more comfortable. Books here would cover broad topics like education, competitive exams, medicine, art, drama, sports and value systems. Also, Tamil and English novels & fictions of reputed authors. The library has around 600 active members.

The service of the library is not limited to books but also conducts various programs for the benefit of the general public and members.


The Mathioli’s Arichuvadi Public library aims at providing access to its resources such as books, journals, digital library and online databases primarily for the use of students and general public. The library stock is increasing at a rate of approximately 2500 books a year. The library also subscribes to over 50 current periodicals, journals and daily newspapers.


Readers may reserve books, journals for up to a week by writing a message to the librarian. The reservation date may be changed once if the reserve materials are used, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.