• Children's Writers Association awarded a Gold Medal in 1991 for the book on Science "VINNILIRUNDHU MANN VARAI".

  • The prestigious National Council of Educational Research and Training (N.C.E.R.T.) Award by the Government of India was conferred in 1993 for the books (Part I & II) titled "INAINDHIDUVOM VARUNGAL"

  • "KURATPAA VIRUNDHU", A feast from the Divine Couplets won the first prize in 1993, a competition conducted by State Bank of India.

  • "KAVI MAAMANI" Award was conferred in the year 1997 by the Children's Writers Association of Pondicherry

  • "THOONDAA VILAKKU", won the prestigious N.C.E.R.T. Award in 1997.

  • "SEVA RATNA" Award was conferred by the Centenary Religious Endowments of the Sage and Seer of Kanchi 1998.

  • Life Time Achiever Award "VAAZHNAAL SAADHANAIYAALAR" conferred by the Literary Forum of Pudukottai in 2011.

  • Participated in the Parliament of World Religious held at Barcelona in 2004

  • Participated in the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit in Seoul in 2014.

  • Conferred the “Jewel of India” Award in July 2016 by the International Institute of Education & Management, New Delhi.

  • Conferred the “National Mahila Ratan Gold Medal Award” in July 2016 by the Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi.

Our founder Ms R Saraswathy also known by her pen name “Mathioli Saraswathy”, devoted her entire life to philanthropic activities.

Ms Saraswathy was also fondly known as “SRI AKKA” or “SRI AMMA” by her followers She exuded spirituality, soothing the troubled minds surrounding her and remains a great source of comfort to one and all. She has a number of followers in India and abroad. Ms Saraswathy was philosopher and guide to her Followers. Though SHE is not physically present in our midst now, she continues to be our guiding force. Ms Saraswathy worked tirelessly in ensuring that minds of children, the driving force of the future, are given the right direction. Ms Saraswathy’s vision was to take the children on the path of Love, instill in them value systems based on Truth and Righteousness, imbibe in them our cultural heritage.

She stressed personal attributes of love, compassion and unity amongst various sections of the society. Her extraordinary love for children inspired her to form a children’s club “Nandalala Siruvar Sangam” in 1981, as an after school activity, with the object of moulding young minds by inculcating moral, spiritual, cultural values and noble ideals in them. Nandalala is involved in the promotion of universal brotherhood, Education to poor children, bringing out their latent talents and abilities, caring for their health and nurturing in them an eagerness to learn.

Ms R Saraswathy, is the Founder of Nandalala Medical Foundation, Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust, and Yogasaras Educational Academy, all registered public charitable trusts reaching out to the deserving particularly in the areas of health, education, and alleviation of hunger. The activities of these trusts are focused on ensuring that the recipient is truly benefited on a long term basis by the support provided. Nandalala is a purely volunteer effort based organization where volunteers contribute their time and effort rather than being mere donors. At Nandalala importance is given not merely to how many activities are undertaken but how the activities significantly better the lives of beneficiaries.

She was a versatile writer and her writings appeal to every age group, every gender and people from all hues of life – from youngsters to the aged, from students to teachers, workmen to managers and leaders, from employee to the employers and from the citizen to the rulers. She has written over fifty books, there are five titles she has brought out as Texts for children; there are five story books; five historical novels; five books of poetry; and nineteen treatises on philosophy and personality development besides books on cookery and traditional arts and so on. All books of Ms Saraswathy are a treasure trove of holistic Literary, Psychological & Philosophical resources. It was her practice to launch a book on the Christmas Day every year. Her choice of apt words strikes home the point effectively. As an erudite scholar she had no problem in expressing her views on various subjects with unbelievable clarity and simplicity. Her brilliant choice of words along with the way she used the mixed metaphors drench the readers with bliss and peace. Each and every one of her books is unique and appealing with carefully thought out and well chosen words. The material is presented in a manner laymen understand and find easy to practice. The compelling force behind her writings tends to transform weakness into strength and inability to dynamism and the minds readers of readers are illuminated with clarity. Her works are treasured just like our ancient scriptures and to be passed on to posterity.

Ms R Saraswathy has given many programmes in All India Radio and Doordarshan (India’s National Radio & T.V. stations). She has written a number of plays for children for All India Radio – the main aim being to inculcate moral values in children.

The Hindu (newspaper) in October 2005 said“ Twenty five years ago, the residents of the Chennai neighborhood in which Nandalala is located would not have even had an inkling that the vision of a simple lady living among them would bring so much meaning to their lives”. Mathioli Saraswathy who brought meaning not just to one neighborhood but brought meaning and touched thousands of lives.

Languages Known :Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.